Are 99 AcoustIDs the max limit in the INLINE STUFF addon from @jesus2099?

Could it be that the great addon “INLINE STUFF” from @jesus2099 can only show max 99 AcoustIDs?

I have uploaded all 147 fingerprints for this release. If I click on the last track #19 on digital media #8, I see, that there is a Fingerprint. I checked some other tracks and all seems to show a Fingerprint.

The Addon on the right side only show 99 AcoustIDs. What could be the reason for such a limit?


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Many of the scripts stick a max limit on calls. A balance when loading a page I believe.

If you are trying to check your IDs, use the disc numbers
Grab them with a right click and then go to that URL instead


Yep that works fine, thank you for that hint @IvanDobsky

BTW: A middle mouse click on the “Digital Media #” also shows the content in a new browser tab (at least in Google Chrome). :wink:


It’s an old bug since MBS has those collapsed (lazy loading) release pages:

You can check the full list of…


Nice @IvanDobsky work-around, and with middle-click, it’s indeed faster.


I learnt the trick for doing Mass Merges when I had multiple CDs. Same limitations are bypassed in those situations too with that handy URL linky.

And yeah, middle click, right clicks, all the tricks.

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Wow. I had no idea you could do that. I’ve always just edited them manually after that, doh.

Update: Talking about the “live” comment script, this should help a bunch. But yes, I use the acoustID links all the time as well.


Yep - massively useful on there too. So may tricks hidden in the GUI

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