Archiving social media links in edit notes

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Continuing the discussion from Bandcamp release date discrepancies:

Like I mentioned in the post linked above, when I’m not 100% sure about Bandcamp release date, I double check with the label’s/artist’s social media for some sort of confirmation.

The latest example would be what I did in this edit:
I used Editions Mego facebook post from September 4th to confirm that indeed anyone could purchase the digital version there a week before Boomkat, Juno Download or Beatport.

But now I have another problem:
Wayback Machine cannot archive internal facebook pages (nor Soundcloud and many other social media). And social media posts/pages are especially prone to link rot. What would be the least cumbersome solution to immortalise social media proofs in edit notes?

I mean, I could take a screen snip and leave a link to some image host, but these are even more ephemeral, aren’t they?

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Just copy the relevant text from there and paste both the excerpt and the URL, for the record.
For example. :slight_smile: