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I have a comment about 4 editors
You all do an excellent job and are very professional
We don’t always agree which is fine
When I get a little better with the rules I will spend time helping others like you guys do
I really don’t like the Bot making comments and getting ready to hide this post
I guess no place is perfect


Thank you @tillywilly. I appreciate your contributions to our shared project here, and thanks for taking the critiques in the constructive spirit in which they are intended.

I appreciate having @chaban looking over my shoulder as well, they have caught more than a few of my own mistakes.


I like hanging out with a bunch smart, sharp people that chime in whenever I make a wrong move. There are many angles to view a situation, and it takes practice to see them all. I learn everytime somebody challenges me. Also, you need to be able to answer for everything you do. Do your research and submit correct and useful information, but do it in the proper format, and try to see the bigger picture.