Apple Music URLs no longer function for non-streaming releases

Apple Music URLs no longer load anything if the release is download-only. Very disruptive.


I think this might spill over to a-tisket lookups as well. I’ve been getting consistent 500 errors every time I try to load through a-tisket.

I’ve been looking into this error and I can see where it fails, however that release just doesn’t load properly for me. I do get a valid response but it’s a bank page. I assume this is because the release is download only?

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Looks like that release has just been pulled as the link is a dead link. Not sure it has anything to do with downloads or streaming. There’s no webpage for it anymore. How is it any different than before. Is this still available for purchase through the store? How do you know it just hasn’t been pulled? Many Apple Music/iTunes single releases share barcodes with Spotify/Deezer, but are pulled when full albums come out, etc. I guess what I’m asking is, how do we know this is even still an available release at all on Apple without a valid URL?

The linked release does exist:

Since 18th Feb all iTunes-only releases (releases that are not available for streaming on Apple Music) all return an empty page. At first I thought they might have messed up a website update, but since it’s now over a week later I guess the change is probably on purpose.


Well, that’s odd. So, you can now only find a download only release through the iTunes software or Music app? That sucks. I swear, I just don’t get why Apple is so hellbent on forcing us to NOT BUY releases. It’s weird. I guess maybe they are trying to strong arm all the artist to make all releases available for streaming and not just purchase only. BTW, I’m looking at a release that you can buy, but you can also stream and both options are still there.


Apple has reverted this sometime in the past week.