Apple Music original date when ISRCs differ

Some Apple Music tracks report date values earlier than the current release, even though the ISRC on the current release is different from the ISRC on the older release that has a matching date. How does Apple determine that when the two tracks have different ISRCs? Do they fingerprint the audio?

I would be very surprised if Apple is assigning ISRCs. That’s the responsibility of the record company. So Apple I is passing along the ISRC on the source medium (media) that the track came from. Do you have an example?

That’s not what I said. I said Apple is associating two tracks with different ISRCs, released years apart, which have extremely similar audio.

My mistake. I misread your post.

I have noticed on beatles tracks (Abbey Rd) that came out originally on vinyl (60s)! with no and later on CD with no ISRCs and then later on another cd where they got ISRCs… the titles are the same and they don’t sound dramatically different. Your situation sounds different.