Apple Classical App metadata quality

An ask to folks who have installed the new Apple Classical App (I don’t have Apple products) that was beta released couple of days ago.

Specifically about metadata quality. Few areas of interest:

is the Composition identified
are the movements/parts identified
recording date
release date

the above are basics so I hope they do that.

What I really hope for is that they credit recording artist on recordings they actually perform on. For example, a soprano is credited on recordings that she sings on, instead of a whole release.

Also instruments, do they specify instruments, voices, ensembles etc.

As you can guess, I’m trying to find out if this service is a good seeding candidate compared to Idagio especially.


Android Classical App is out and at the first glance the quality of metadata is good, they up Idagio on Opera where a singer is credited with voice at track level, instead of a whole release.

I’ve never used Apple API and before I invest time into it, can a friendly editor with Apple API check if the extended metadata data is returned via API ? There are number of posts about Apple API.

This release is a good example, looking for singer credits at track level.

Don Giovanni

Nope, current API does not return extended Classical App metadata.
I’ve checked with album 1452227620.