APIseeds Lyrics Offline

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Looks like API Seeds is closing up shop.

“We are migrating to Happi.Dev. Apiseeds will be shut down soon. If you want use our services please go to Happi.Dev.”

The APIseeds Lyrics plugin should be taken offline until it is updated. Otherwise, your albums will take hours to resolve if the plugin is active.


So far the API still works. Not sure, they don’t say much about what this will mean, if the API itself will be taken over by Happi.dev or if it will stop working at some point. If it does stop working we definitely should take the plugin from the list.

Happi.dev has their own music API also. It works a bit differently and needs additional requests to search for a matching track. Also it’s not exactly documented how their search endpoint works, so might be a bit hit and miss to find the proper track. But if someone would create a plugin using this API that would be great.

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See https://tickets.metabrainz.org/browse/PICARD-2112 for a ticket and an explanation of the potential issues for updating it (since the new provider is using a different API).


It doesn’t work for me. I found out because it was taking hours for albums to resolve. The debug log showed 100% failure rate.

I have created a happidev_lyrics plugin based on the Apiseeds code. See

I would appreciate if someone could test this, the link to the plugin file itself is:



The new plugin Happi.dev Lyrics is now available from within Picard’s plugin management to download and use. You’ll need to register for an API key on https://happi.dev/

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The plugin crashes the entire MusicBrainz Picard in version 2.6.1.
I tried installing it, and after Pressing the “Make it So!” button the app crashes.
It also crashes when trying to open the app again.
Only manually deleting the file fixes it

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Thanks for reporting. This is rather odd. I can reproduce this when starting Picard on Windows via start menu, but not when I launch it from command prompt or run from source. That means I don’t yet know how exactly it is crashing. I’ll investigate.

Ok, found out what happens. If you haven’t configured an API key it can run into an endless recursion and finally crash.

The workaround for you is to go into Options > Plugins > happi.dev Lyrics and configure the API key (without this you won’t get any lyrics anyway).

I’ll provide an update to the plugin soon.

UPDATE: To answer the question why I could not reproduce this first: If you have other plugins installed that do requests per track (such as AcousticBrainz) the problem would not trigger.


Version 2.1 of the Happi.dev Lyrics plugin is now available and fixes the issue. Thanks a lot for reporting.


Thanks for the update, unfortunately it is still crashing for me, I can install the plugin and click on “Make it so!” button but if I try to open the options again Picard crashes. I’m using Windows 10.

But I found out it only crashes if the dark theme is enabled (at least using the default value), if I install the plugin and at the same time change the theme to light, close and reopen Picard the options window is opened successfully, then if I change the theme back to dark theme it doesn’t crash anymore.

Now I’ve tried to reproduce the error and I can’t. I tried deleting the plugin, changing back the theme to “default”, reopening Picard, installing the plugin, open options again and… it doesn’t crash anymore. It made it crash before (I tried reinstalling the plugin ~5 times before changing the theme and in all of them Picard crashed).

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