APIseeds Lyrics Offline

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Looks like API Seeds is closing up shop.

“We are migrating to Happi.Dev. Apiseeds will be shut down soon. If you want use our services please go to Happi.Dev.”

The APIseeds Lyrics plugin should be taken offline until it is updated. Otherwise, your albums will take hours to resolve if the plugin is active.


So far the API still works. Not sure, they don’t say much about what this will mean, if the API itself will be taken over by Happi.dev or if it will stop working at some point. If it does stop working we definitely should take the plugin from the list.

Happi.dev has their own music API also. It works a bit differently and needs additional requests to search for a matching track. Also it’s not exactly documented how their search endpoint works, so might be a bit hit and miss to find the proper track. But if someone would create a plugin using this API that would be great.

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See https://tickets.metabrainz.org/browse/PICARD-2112 for a ticket and an explanation of the potential issues for updating it (since the new provider is using a different API).


It doesn’t work for me. I found out because it was taking hours for albums to resolve. The debug log showed 100% failure rate.