Another band's recording used as concert intro

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The track “Macbeth (intro)” heard on Vader’s live album “The Darkest Age” is actually “Agnus Dei (Acropolis)” by Laibach played from tape, with crowd noises and a greeting from the band towards the end.

I’m wondering how we could reflect this in the database. What Vader is doing is not a cover, and I’m not sure it even should have a distinct work (it has one right now). Even if Vader recording was linked directly to Laibach work, what relationship should be used?

I was looking at available recording-work and work-work relationships, but I didn’t find anything that looks suitable for this situation. Any ideas?

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Is it really? :slight_smile: I considered that, but it doesn’t feel right to me.

I understand sampling as taking a part of another artist’s recording and incorporating it into one’s own recording. In this case we have one artist broadcasting another artist’s recording.

It is the closest match I could see. They are using the Recording - just more than a small part. It is incorporated into their recording - just unchanged. An extreme sample - but still fits the rules of a “sample” as I read it.

Work would imply that Vader were playing it, and they are not. They are using the original Recording from Laibach.

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Let’s be pragmatic. We need some kind of relation between these two recordings, because at the moment we have none, but there’s no doubt these should be somehow linked. “Sample” relationship is as good as anything else. If in the future we’ll have a more suitable relationship type, we can update it.

I made this one votable in case anyone disagrees:

Pinging @Akeldama who might be interested.