Annotation as a review?

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I came across an album’s annotation that says “Dirty looks are back with there second outing Turn of the screw,which was not bad album first couple of songs get it going,but then it just falls flat and i just loose interest”

Aside from the grammar issues - Are we doing this or is that something that should be deleted?


It should be in CritiqueBrainz.
I have informed the editor that I will delete the annotation and suggested them to add their review to CB instead.

But I didn’t actually delete it. :wink:


I would probably just leave it, that editor has written lots of other reviews on MusicBrainz, I can’t see why they’d want to move them all to another site.

He writes a lot of reviews. Good for him.
The question isn’t “what is the editing history of the user”. The question is “is that acceptable”?

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It’s definitely not a great idea to have annotation reviews, for the simple reason that if I edit the annotation, it will seem like it’s my review now (and by now because we have a site for that). That said, I might also not remove them unless I have something else I want to put in the annotation - they’re not technically against any rules or anything, since the annotation is just a place to put notes and stuff.