Anime Opening/Ending Singles added as Soundtrack

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Hi, I’m trying to add a release to this group and I see it is listed as Soundtrack as a secondary type. This single includes only the opening and ending songs (and video in the release i’m adding) so I don’t know if it qualifies as a soundtrack per se, I’m reading the documentation but it’s obviously geared towards films.
I’ve been adding a lot of op/ed singles and never listed them as Soundtracks, because there usually is a separate release that includes the short version plus the actual soundtrack. In the case of Suite Precure, it would be this release.

Bottom line. Should I edit out the Soundtrack secondary type in this kind of releases?

EDIT: Linked wrong album as soundtrack example

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Yes, please remove Soundtrack from such singles. says a soundtrack is a musical score. Pop songs are not musical scores.

Looking at movies, the theme song to Titanic is not filed as a Soundtrack either.

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That’s a great example, thanks!
Will remove it from any single I find, thanks.