Android player MBID submission support

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I know that Simple Scrobbler at least does this already… if provided by the player. I don’t know which players (if any) actually read this information and pass it on.

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Good to know that the code exists in Simple Scrobbler.
I will test out a few more players and maybe find one that supports it.

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Great. Please do report back if you find any that work. :slight_smile:

While reading the API

it seems that only

 mbid         | String | No       | A MusicBrainz Recording ID <>  

is supported.

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Nothing to report unfortunately.
After testing most of the listed players

none had mbid value in the intent broadcast.

I couldn’t find any app that provided mbid by the player, so I forked Vanilla Music Player
and modified it to read/store the value and send it using Scrobble Droid API with simple-last-fm-scrobbler