An edit in the wrong place

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I admit that I have a very poor understanding of what constitutes certain types of “relationship” in Musicbrainz, but I found an edit ( in the edit history for this release ( and it appears to be for a completely unrelated release. What’s worse, I found the same edit (identical changes and edit notes) under the history of yet another release. Not realizing I would need it, I did not record the URL of that discovery, and I haven’t relocated it yet.

This is so odd that it makes me suspect some kind of corruption in the MB database, where this edit has been cross-linked.

Naturally, as soon as I say I haven’t found it, I find it:

This edit ( is
under this release (

Okay, the changes are of the same type, but they don’t appear to correspond with the actual tracks in the release. For example:

"Unbegun" Symphony: IV. Andante - Allegro is a medley of Sinfonie Nr. 2 D-Dur, op. 73: I. Allegro non troppo

Neither of the track titles mentioned in the edit are part of the release under which the edit is found.

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Not knowing the release in question, there is a lot of confusion like this around. There are “Tickets” on these bugs features.

There is a lot of vaguely related stuff that appears in edit histories that are from edits to unrelated linked works with some relationship or other in common. It all gets a bit confusing. One day the magic Ticket Fixing Fairy will come along and put sanity back in.

Long ago I had someone post some reasons for this that kinda made sense. Since then I have learnt to ignore it. For now read the edit histories knowing that more info is better than too little.

Looking on your first example, it is a bit obscure, but a legitimate relationship.

The first recording of the release is a recording of the work which is mentioned in the edit

If you open the release, the P.D.Q. Bach’s medley to which the edit applies appears as a reference on the first recording, visible through the work. The edit changed something in links which are displayed on the release page, so the edit appears in the history of release edits.

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Okay, I get it. At least well enough to see it isn’t a DB error.

Thanks for clarifying.