Amiel - An Australian lady, an American man... and one confused user

I’m here to beg for help, and my sanity back.

I was once a very new user… and very eager to track down music of artists I liked.

So, when I found a listing years ago, for a new “Amiel” album, I was estatic. Clearly, there was NO ONE ELSE on the planet that decided to use that artist name, my naive brain thought. So, it had to be this Australian Female artist: Amiel - MusicBrainz

Somehow, I think I fooled MusicBrainz Picard to assigning it to her.

Then, I actually got a copy.

Nope, it wasn’t her.

I’m returning years later, to try to fix up my records, and I keep being told she has 3 releases here at MusicBrainz, and I want to fix my mistake.

I’ve created the New Jersey born US Male artist, here: Amiel - MusicBrainz

And really, I’ve tried at least twice to move the release in question “Figures Moving Ground” to the correct artists… and it never seems to actually happen…

Now it appears tied to both artists?

Can anyone
A) Help me understand what I did wrong with my recent edits?
B) Help me fix the issue and vote it closed, so I can rest this Thanksgiving in peace?

Apologies for the extra work I’ve caused!


welcome to the forums, and the madness of splitting artists, lol~

looks like you didn’t change the artist for all the recordings on that release, note how it shows the recording artist on the release page, and those link to the other Amiel


you can fix this by simply going to edit the release, under the ‘Recordings’ tab, at the bottom, simply tick this box to change all the artist credits for the recordings


edit: looks like @highstrung beat me to it, lol


Thank you for coming back to clean this up!
It looks like the only thing you did wrong is to not copy the tracklist change to the actual recordings:

There’s also a checkbox at the bottom of that Recordings tab to let you do all the recordings with one check:

I just made that change, see if it looks correct now.


I started to follow @UltimateRiff 's instructions, and couldn’t figure out why it told me I wasn’t editing anything!

@highstrung had beaten us both to the actual edit. I am so glad. Thank you so much, both of you!


you’d be surprised how many times an artist uses the same name as another tho… my favorite example of this is the name Zorg, especially since two of them are based in Budapest!~


I bet I wouldn’t. Especially pre-internet, it would have been easy to select a name thinking you are the only one doing it.

Thank you again. I’m more than glad that it’s solvable!


I’m a little surprised that we only have four bands named Free Beer represented on MB.


There are currently 245 artists called “Indigo” :wink:
103 artists called “Legion”,
85 called “Merlin”,
84 called “Vortex”,
81 called “Moloch”
80 called “Inferno”
and so on…

There are about 3274 artists with at least 10 different disambiguations for the same name.

And there are currently 3 Amiel:


I think there are still some issues here. The Accidents By Design release group is currently credited to Amiel (Spanish hardcore [Cinder]) instead of Amiel (US Born, Tenafly NJ, Graduated Syracuse.), and the recordings have the same issue of not matching the tracklist. I’ve created edits to try to clean this up.

Note that there’s at least one more Spanish pop singer named Amiel, who I’ve added at
YouTube “helpfully” seems to miscredit “Figures Seeking Ground” to his channel at


My biggest surprise, is that wouldn’t your average recording studio want to accredit their artists songs to the correct artist, in the largest internet databases?

Surely Movie Studios pay people to list/fix IMDB credits, at least, I would if I owned a studio… same with a recording label.

Thanks @derat for fixing more stuff.