Am I the a/h here or what?

Yesterday, I uploaded 90 + soundtrack covers and scans to albums that had little or no information. This morning my inbox had 340 emails from 1 user - chaban - who, apparently was channelling the Blues Brothers and decided that he was on a mission from God. This nit-picker went through every single picture and declared that it had a problem of one sort or another. I am as thorough and precise as the next person when it comes to details but if a few albums had the wrong barcode well, parden me all to Hell. When your hobby becomes your obsession it’s time to seek professional help - quickly!

Hi again. :slight_smile: Your artwork is great, but maybe slow down a bit. There are only a few people who can check things and you are putting a LOT of artwork in the wrong places.

If artwork does not exactly match the release you are adding it to, make a new release. Remember this is a website for identifying and cataloguing music. The artwork is part of that identification process.

This is not a website for tagging music and downloading art.

Your errors are not just “a few barcodes”. It is a huge volume of artwork guessed and uploaded to the wrong editions. Ask for help and we’ll help you make new releases to attach this art to.


Then if it’s the case, thank you very much, @chaban for reviewing this and preventing broken releases.


And apparently @Deleted_Editor_2423474 you did not write edit notes (and didn’t set cover types but this is not really the bigger problem).

Are you editing releases you own or not?
How did you match those packaging scans with those specific editions?
What is a/h?

Without edit notes, it looks really random release upload and with this massive batch of likely to gather no votes, for safety, for preserving existing data.

Thank you for coming here asking for guidance.


although this may come off looking like a hobbyist website, it’s a lot more than that - and although there are many unpaid volunteers keeping the wheels of MusicBrainz moving forward, many of them take their roles in the community very seriously.

The aim of MusicBrainz is to provide accurate data; this seemingly simple task can be rather tricky and sometimes new contributors (like yourself) might require some additional guidance before making innocent mistakes.

@chaban is one of our most prolific community members, certainly in the space of voting and guidance for new contributors. The amount of emails is likely in equal measure to the amount of edits made, when a new account makes in excess of 800 edits in a short period of time, the alarm bells will ring - usually as it could mean a lot of changes that unchecked could have big effects.

I’m starting to work through those 800 edits, some of them look to be accurate but others seem unusual, if you can please respond in-line to the edits so other contributors can make the necessary votes to approve/deny the edits - there will likely be questions about the artwork, if it applies and guidance on how to resolve (i.e. create a new release etc.).


Like others said, it may seem like a little hobby, but accurate data is important. A lot of websites and services use MusicBrainz data. And while most people may not be getting paid for this, they spend a lot of their free time working to keep the data as clean and accurate as possible for the benefit of all those that use this site and it’s data. And chaban is an invaluable member of this community!

My apologies if I am wrong, but I believe the title is a reference to a very popular reddit sub


I have made a new ticket as a result of this (I am a bit surprised it didn’t already exist): [MBS-13356] Limit beginner edit amount - MetaBrainz JIRA

Not just to stop editors like @chaban from having to sift through a large number of beginner edits making the same mistakes, but also to give new editors breathing space. It is no fun to spend hours making contributions, and then be blasted with no votes in return. We all know MB has a steep learning curve, that can’t really be leapt over.

Shout out to @Deleted_Editor_2423474 for cancelling and replying to so many emails, by the way! If there’s any chance of you sticking around, I think you would be a very valuable editor! Most new editors in your situation ‘dump and run’ :slight_smile:


Just in case anyone needs to mass cancel edits, there is a must-have cool userscript by Bitmap, to send edit note and cancel several edits with a single click each, in a open edit list page: MusicBrainz: Fast cancel edits.


Please do some research and check your artwork matches labels, catalogue numbers and barcodes.

If you are doing this kind of bulk it is almost easier to just make new releases for everything. This way it would cause less damage.

That was another 200+ uploads in 24 hours, and the small sample I checked were 3 out of 4 bad matches to the releases.

Soundtracks in MusicBrainz are often missing many versions of a release. It would be more use to add these as new releases and then you would not get these negative votes.


@Deleted_Editor_2423474 I see no answers from you and you are still uploading scans without edit notes (13h ago), and apparently not all correct editions, according to Ivan post just above.

You might attract many global blind no votes keeping like this.


I did not vote yet as no edits were in my subscribed collection… But it seems I should blindly vote no, now… :thinking:

Search: unvoted open edits without no votes


No types either, very lazy. And ticking those boxes afterwards is a pain in the ass


their account is now showing as restricted

I’m closing this for now :slight_smile: We can reopen later if the editor wants to respond to feedback, for now I think all opinions are clear enough.