Almost identical Spotify releases

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I’ve come across two almost releases on Spotify:

Using Spotify Web API, the only differences are that:

  • The first has the copyright holder and publisher in transliterated form, while the second doesn’t.
  • The first and second have slightly different barcodes.
  • The first has 65 available markets (countries), while the second hasn’t got it specified.

Should I enter this into MusicBrainz as two separate digital releases? If not, should I note somewhere that this alternative Spotify release exists?

Digital releases

If you find the differences interesting, and disambiguate and annotate them appropriately, I would add both.
If it’s not a big deal to you, add them as one with both links.
I don’t believe we have reached a consensus on these kinds of releases yet.

I think that since you were interested and have done the leg work already I would add them separately. The different barcodes are a reasonably significant difference imo, without that I personally wouldn’t.


When I use the API, I see:

  • The market of 4BZrEsdUTYu8EJc7Yrgq0n is [ “AD”, “AR”, “AT”, “AU”, “BE”, “BG”, “BO”, “BR”, “CA”, “CH”, “CL”, “CO”, “CR”, “CY”, “CZ”, “DE”, “DK”, “DO”, “EC”, “EE”, “ES”, “FI”, “FR”, “GB”, “GR”, “GT”, “HK”, “HN”, “HU”, “ID”, “IE”, “IL”, “IS”, “IT”, “LI”, “LT”, “LU”, “LV”, “MC”, “MT”, “MX”, “MY”, “NI”, “NL”, “NO”, “NZ”, “PA”, “PE”, “PH”, “PL”, “PT”, “PY”, “RO”, “SE”, “SG”, “SK”, “SV”, “TH”, “TR”, “TW”, “US”, “UY”, “VN”, “ZA” ] with a barcode of 859752822503
  • The market of 5XpO1aHESYiAynxPDHyvFp is [ “JP” ] with a barcode of 859752822510

As you might notice, 859752822503 is exactly “one” lower than 859752822510 (the last digit is a check digit). So I’d say MusicBrainz should record this case as 2 separate releases with different release countries and barcodes (and text script).


Do you have a screenshot of this? I tried again using the API, and I still get:
"available_markets": [],
for the second release.


I assume you’re literally using or another web console page which is known to lie. The correct way to use the Spotify API is to implement it yourself.

But if you haven’t/can’t implement the API yourself, these web console pages don’t appear to be lying: - “Try It” returns 4BZrEsdUTYu8EJc7Yrgq0n - “Try It” returns nothing. - “Try It” returns nothing. - “Try It” returns 5XpO1aHESYiAynxPDHyvFp