Almost identical Spotify releases

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I’ve come across two almost releases on Spotify:

Using Spotify Web API, the only differences are that:

  • The first has the copyright holder and publisher in transliterated form, while the second doesn’t.
  • The first and second have slightly different barcodes.
  • The first has 65 available markets (countries), while the second hasn’t got it specified.

Should I enter this into MusicBrainz as two separate digital releases? If not, should I note somewhere that this alternative Spotify release exists?

Digital releases

If you find the differences interesting, and disambiguate and annotate them appropriately, I would add both.
If it’s not a big deal to you, add them as one with both links.
I don’t believe we have reached a consensus on these kinds of releases yet.

I think that since you were interested and have done the leg work already I would add them separately. The different barcodes are a reasonably significant difference imo, without that I personally wouldn’t.