All the lonely edits, how do they become one

I just put in my first painful edit ever, adding an LP-only release from the early 80s that was never pressed again. Maybe I have the only one anywhere. Luckily I had a similar (but different) release to crib from.

I generated too many edits with it and could use tips on streamlining. Since it was my first shiny new platter ever, I marked everything as “all votable” - for a while - until I felt confident I wasn’t screwing anything up. In the back of my head I remembered this being a good thing to do just in case, but I cannot remember why. Initially I thought I had to do this since I added the medium itself as always editable, but this wasn’t the case, as the later non-vote-all edits just attached to the votable medium.

Under what circumstances is it valuable to mark, say, artist relations as always editable? Or in a case like this, should I just mark the medium as votable and let all the relations flow onto it without marking votable?



If you’re making a new release, and not mucking with existing stuff, I don’t think you have to mark things as votable at all. After all, the MB philosophy is that edits don’t have to be perfect, just an improvement over what was there. Since in this case what was there is ’nothing’, you can confidently edit! Improving it afterwards with a new round of edits, if you get feedback, isn’t going to ruin anyone’s day.

The only time I mark things as votable is if I’m making changes that I think could be controversial or someone might disagree. Particularly if they are messing with something already in place, that someone else has clearly already spent a lot of time on.

p.s. I approved the edits, they all looked good!
p.p.s. Before anyone jumps in with ‘but X isn’t quite perfect, why are you approving it…’, see first paragraph above :stuck_out_tongue: