All Is Full of Love... (help!)

I made an edit and want to discuss it on the forum before it is applied with one vote yes and one abstain.
If applied, the extra title information will be removed, because it’s misleading and somehow wrong. But it’s a complicated matter.

In short:

  • This recording is the original mix of the song, but when the album was released in 1997 the original version of the song was replaced “at the last minute” with a remix.
  • In 1998 a single was released - also a remix (Funkstörung remix).
  • In 1999 another single was released to accompany a video (actually! - see Wikipedia), this time with the original mix for both, video and single. But it’s not the exact same mix on video and single. The video is 40 seconds shorter and a slightly different mix was used, with the vocals ending earlier.
  • And to complicate things even more, the actual video version was also used on some bootlegs, leading to a very confusing but actually correct annotation: Recording “All Is Full of Love (video version)” by Björk - MusicBrainz

Calling this version “video version” is not good, although many can identify this version as video version. On one release, the version was called “radio mix”, but that’s not good either.
Better would be “original mix” or “Mark Stent mix” but none of these was printed on any release.

Therefore, my suggestion is to do without extra title information. Instead I would add some of these version names as disambiguation (also for the album version), e.g. “Howie B mix, album version” vs. “Mark Stent original mix, a.k.a. ‘video version’ or ‘radio mix’” (or something similar)


Short reply - this in disambig. And more details added to the Annotation


Sorry, I’m afraid I don’t have much advice to offer. I took a look at the edit, and the Recording, and it seems to me that you are being careful and diligent with a very confusing situation.

What I do want to do is to thank you for asking for help. Some edits are easy. Some are hard. Asking for help with the hard ones is one good way to improve even more the quality of your contributions to MusicBrainz.

Good job, @ernstlx !


Fully agree with this edit, but the disambiguations really need to be added to the recordings to distinguish them easily.

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I dropped the ‘radio mix’, because it’s not a usual title. It appears only on Release “All Is Full of Love” by Björk - MusicBrainz and another similar single. (it’s a separate recording at the moment)

Now what’s left is a disambiguation text for the actual video version Recording “All Is Full of Love” by Björk - MusicBrainz

… and maybe an improved text for the Howie B mix, which is now:
“… There are some bootlegs in the internet with this song taken from Greatest Hits which is actually a video version.” (it’s not on Greatest Hits, more likely it’s taken from the video single)
I like to invite someone with better English skills to phrase a proper line (@IvanDobsky ?)

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I’ll have a look later today. Busy day ahead here. Done.

We need something like “…which is a variation of the video version with a longer vocal”. Something to let people know what they are listening to that is different. I have to re-read the research again to get these straight in my head. We need text that links the two Recordings together instead of that link to the Greatest Hits release.

I’d try and get over “This original Mark Stent mix was created for video" and "this other one was remixed by Howie B for the album”.

I think it is worth emphasising how important this video was, which is why people lift this mix to put on some compilations.

Edit: Pesky client is failing to call me back - means I have knocked out two versions.
Howie B mix and Mark Stent mix.

We’ll’ handle the Funkstörung remix later…

Let me know what you think? We could possibly add some details on the audio differences here too. i.e. what you hear that is different. (and yes, @aerozol, this time I am sending my client the bill for this edit… :rofl:)


Great! The album version is perfect.

The Mark Stent “video version” annotation “needs minor changes”. :wink: It was originally created for the album, but it was dropped and replaced by the Howie B remix (the album was first, 1997). It was used for the video and released as another single (in 1999). And it appears on the Stigmata Soundtrack, Greatest Hits and Family Tree…

The Funkstörung mixes are probably fine:

But then there is the “bootleg version” … maybe “bootleg version” is the best disambiguation for this one. We assume it’s the version from the video because of its length, but I don’t think we know. (matching fingerprints do not help, there is no difference within the first two minutes)

The “Screaming Masterpiece” version will be is (live) [done!]. Although that’s only printed on the sticker, it is also mentioned in a review: Screaming Masterpiece: 1000 Years of Icelandic Popular Music - Various Artists | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

And, last but not least, there is VSQ version too - probably “file under Björk” :laughing:

If you do not count the number of “all is full of love” loops, there is no difference. The longer version has one additional echoing “all is full of love”. The vocals also stop when the fade starts. The end is identical again. (You will find the right words… and maybe a paying customer too :rofl:)

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I’ll tweak the Mark Stent text with the added history. I didn’t bother mentioning the soundtrack or Family Tree as this is all in the list of recordings below. (And isn’t Family Tree just another greatest hits?) I was mainly going for the highlights.

With the Funkstörung mixes my thought was to add a couple of sentences. Like you are noting here in this thread about it being an earlier single. I always like the idea of filling out a bit of background knowledge when it is available. Bit like when the Wikipedia links work. Just it is better being native to MB as it doesn’t suddenly disappear. :smiley:

“bootleg version” seems good enough. I know I have left “do you have this recording?” questions in the annotations before waiting for someone else to fill in the details.

I don’t think VSQ ever did a Björk cover. That was someone called The Section Quartet. :rofl: Can’t see any VSQ’s on this cover… :rofl: </sarcasm…>

When I said “differences”, I meant between Mark Stent and Howie B’s versions. I assume there was something that made them swap them around?

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According to Discogs it’s 3 x CD, Mini, Compilation; 2 x CD, Mini; 1 x CD, Compilation :grin:
But CD 4 & 5 contain her live sessions with the Brodsky Quartet, otherwise unreleased.

Yes, great! Actually the original mix was released as the 3rd single. The 2nd was the “album version” (A-side).* Apparently she didn’t like the Mark Stent version very much.

No, there is not, but as this is half Da Capo Players, half Section Quartet, it will only have VSQ as an album artist (according to plan) … but this belongs to a different thread. :wink:

I don’t think I’ll find the right words for it. I’ve read something in a review about the different mood, but I can’t find that article. (I’ll look for it)
I think, Björk didn’t like this smooth, streamlined pop mix, the Howie B mix is far more experimental.

EDIT: recalculated number of singles :wink:
EDIT2: *) the album single was CD2, released at the same time as the Mark Stent version

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Yeah - too much detail… :crazy_face: exactly why I am going for the “keep it short”. No one really cares how many editions were released, that is why there is a list below. My target is “Interesting fact for the non-fan to read”. Draw in the interest, not smack them over the head with a Data Hammer :hammer_and_pick:

Have re-written Stent and Howie B a bit now… will head to Funkstörung soon. Which will be followed by tweaking the other two again to refer to each other in a tangled circle.

It is sitting in Section at the moment… and it is on their old website discography. I not focused fully on that track list. Just got some of the performer credits into place. But I thought the aim would then be swap it to a three way credit (but that is for another thread… I’m waiting for last weeks edits to settle before the next heavy lifting kicks in…)

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Yes, great! Now Mark Stent’s recording is perfect too.

Not my favourites tough. Sounds like technical problems. (look up “Funkstörung” :rofl:)
(the Secondotted is hardly recognizable)