Alfred Scholz releases: how to separate from real artists? What about the recordings?

I’ve tried to figure out what the consensus is on how to deal with fake attributions to real artists for A. Scholz releases. After reading the wiki article I made a first attempt here

After finding a few more releases which contaminate real artist discographies like for Leipzig Philharmonic - which didn’t exist when the fake attributions were created but does indeed exist now - I’ve tried to find out some more about how to go on with a Scholz decontamination.

For the two edits above I did create new “shadow” artists with a disambiguation as the wiki article seemed to suggest. But maybe it would be better to just change the affected artist credits to
unspecified …?

Also, afterwards, would it be a good approach to merge recordings into recordings already stored under Alfred Scholz if a reasonably good match can be found?

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We can use this name as an artist credit of Alfred Shultz, no?

Well, not quite: he clearly didn’t play the whole orchestra :slight_smile: The orchestra might be connected to him, or maybe it’s just some random cheap recording he bought the rights for, or who knows.


If it’s the right way to do it I think a new “shadow entity” for the Alfred Scholz invented Leipzig Philharmonic is required because since 2000 there actually is a Leipziger Philharmonie (EN: Leipzig Philharmonic) who releases music.

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