Albums with different obi

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I have got an EP release group that is released with four different obi strips, each featuring a band member. If the obi is removed, then the album is identical. In other words, the only difference between the four releases is the obi strip that is packaged with the album. Should this be counted as four different releases or just one?


I would put it in as one release with a note about the different obi strips as an annotation. I would also try to upload copies of each of the different obi strips if available. Then again, I’ve been wrong before. :grinning:


I would put them up as four different releases, the same as if it were four different vinyl colour prints or similar.


It really comes down to how much time you have on your hands.
Different releases with the different obi’s in the cover art would be awesome, but if you just annotate one release with the details that’s better than nothing.
I’ve done both in the past depending on how committed I am to that release group.


Is the barcode in the obi strip? (I seem to remember they often are). If so, are they different?

If no, then what aerozol said :slight_smile: (if yes, they should definitely be different releases).


The barcodes are on the album, not the obi. I will make four releases since I have some time to spare :smiley:


But someone should make a script that duplicates/clones a release with all its relationship. This could really save some time editing the same release group.




I’m not sure if it’s working as intended, but it seems to only clone the release attributes like release name, release event, etc but not the relationships. For example the release-label relationship with the release I want cloned is not being duplicated in the new release.


You have to go to the SUPER TURBO settings panel (found in MusicBrainz Editing drop‐down menu) to activate the other attribute copy.

They are not checked by default because usually, we want to create another edition so they don’t apply.

RELEASE_CLONER sub‐options

  • RELEASE_CLONER_additional_information
  • RELEASE_CLONER_external_links
  • RELEASE_CLONER_release_event
  • RELEASE_CLONER_tracktimes :warning: I really don’t advise to check this one. We should not take times for granted and it prevents any further time check.


Oh sorry I misread your question!
Yes indeed, as the release relationship editor and release editor are two separate editors (pages), my script does not copy release relationships…