Albums that may need recording merges

So, there is one album that is a repackaging and remaster of 5 different albums:
Release “新世紀GPXサイバーフォーミュラSOUND TOURS -ROUND 1- ~ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK COLLECTION~” by 大谷幸、小西真理 - MusicBrainz

In the first place, I wonder if the recordings should even be merged, because a few of them have differences in length, AcoustID’s, and also ISRC codes. Only one of them has the same of the latter though, but with one extra track.

What should I do with these ones, and how? Especially since the credits are the same which is one reason for merging.

I have a few others in the line, but this set is the only one that doesn’t have any pending edits.


Indeed it seems the 5 CD release includes the other 5 releases.

These release groups should be linked with the includes relationship and you could indeed merge these 92 recordings.

Doing it manually would be very very tedious.
If you know or can learn how to use a clumsy userscript, you can use MASS MERGE RECORDINGS to merge them more easily, after having taken care of airline them and checked they are the same.


Check out Guides/Userscripts page, that should contain an introduction on how to use userscripts in your browser.


Unfortunately it happens quite often that compilations are submitted without even trying to look for existing recordings. :angry:
I’m using the above script very successfully to clean this up for compilations of whole albums.

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In this case I had actually added both the existing recordings and the compilations in about the same space of time.

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If you don’t want to bother with userscripts, let me know, I will merge them for you. :grin:

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Sorry, but it’s about 75 recording merges, not adds, on previously existing releases.

That would be much appreciated, I’m not sure how that particular script was.
And some others I have in mind will need their own recording edits and release group merges to finish before they can be merged, since a few older pages had the incorrect data.

Imo you are talking about release merges from the MB menu.
What you can see from the example provided above the user script allows merging recordings from different release groups and should be used very carefully.

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I have queued the recording merge edits.

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