Albums that have two languages in the title, artist credit and track names?

I came across a bandcamp page that has a few albums with dual language names for example this one:

Ash Crow - 平沢進ベルセルクサウンドトラック集 / Ash Crow - Susumu Hirasawa Soundtracks for BERSERK | 平沢進 / Susumu Hirasawa
As you can see it has both the name in Japanese and then a / and then English. Same with the track names and artist credit.

I found that it was added to MB in this way:

Basically the Japanese version only. I saw this and thought that there should be an English version of the track names as well so I created a pseudo release that included those.

But now a new single dropped and I’m looking at the name that the import script presents me with and now I’m unsure if that was the right way to go.

Should the release group name at least reflect the actual name the bandcamp page has aka both languages? Should there be one digital release that reflects the names on that page exactly and maybe two pseudo releases?
Or just do two releases using the English versions and Japanese version. Which one should be pseudo if any?


The way that it’s entered right now makes sense to me and seems like it’s probably aligned with what the artist intended – the album text at the bottom of the page is also provided in both English and Japanese, so I suspect that he just wanted to provide a translation rather than e.g. actually calling track 1 “灰よ / Ashes”.

It’s also a good sign that the Japanese digital media release’s tracklist matches the CD release’s tracklist. It does seem a bit strange to me that those two releases have different names; I wish that there were a style guideline saying, “barring strong evidence to the contrary, assume that the artist meant to use the same name across all formats and omit extra disambiguation/SEO information that was added to the digital media page’s title”. At the very least, I’d expect “平沢進ベルセルクサウンドトラック集” to be treated as a subtitle and separated by a colon rather than a dash.

With that said, I have to admit that I often just enter data from Japanese artists exactly as it appears on Bandcamp to reduce the chance of arguments. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Ah, true there is a CD in the first example so that makes a lot of sense. I just want to make sure that all the data gets out there so that’s why I made the pseudo release with the English names.

If you purchase that album id imagine you get mp3s named exactly like it says on bandcamp though… Maybe those should be a pseudo release as well? or an actual release?

There’s also the new single that he released yesterday: 遠征 / The Expedition | 平沢進 / Susumu Hirasawa

This one might not have a CD… so what to do?

I think this one should be added as it is on bandcamp (artist credit and everything) and then maybe include the JP and EN only versions as pseudo releases… Cover all the bases.

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i leave this here because it has 3 languages on same track, romanian, spanish and english