Albums on MusicBrainz with more than one disc id

i have and physical copies of albums on MusicBrains with more then one disc id iv add the disc id to them and added info from my copy that was missing to them. im wondering if mabay i did the wrong thing as some of the disc ids show different times. should i leave it as it is or change it back to what is was and make a new one if i change it back to how it was with this one there will still be images that match my album like the back. here is one album.

In general you should create a new well defined release that contains only your disc ID and fill in as much precise specific data as possible (manufacture place and label, etc.).
Some releases already have multiple dudc ID mostly due to the NGS migration where pre-NGS, all editions with same tracklist did share a single release.

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what if it is like that one where it has the same album art and every thing as mine but the person who added it did not put in the disc id and there were other disc ids before he added the album art do i delete the album art and the info he has added from it seeing as tho all the info on it matches mine. if i dont then someone will just come along and merge it due to the info being the same

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If you can identify the disc by catalogue number, barcode and cover layout you should add the disc ID to this release. For one there are valid cases for more than one disc ID on a release, and also other disc IDs could be assigned wrong.


well the first Disc ID was added by ojnkpjg in 2007 then a different one by a different person in 2008 then again in 2009 then the album art was added in 2015 by SuperSoaker and he added the barcode thats the same as mine and the back cover has the catalogue number thats the same as mine so do i make a new one or what?

It is not unusual for there to be more than one discID. If a CD has been printed and reprinted a number of times over the years then times to change slightly. The example you linked only varies by a second so not much of a difference to worry about.

There needs to be a level of trust with older Releases with multiple editors. Look close at the CD you have in your hand. Does it 100% match the artwork as uploaded? Even the tiny little details on the back of the disk and the CD? Those copyrights and manufacturers sometimes change, or a catno gets moved. If your art is identical then you are probably going to just add your discID to the list.

Where difference can occur is on a Release that is printed world wide. Sometimes you’ll see the different manufacturing plants encoded within the matrix details in the inner ring of the CD. Later copies of a CD may have come off a different production line. If a visual difference is found on the disc or cover then make a new release to describe those differences.

It is also worth noting in this case Discogs only show a CD and Cassette edition. So I think we are correct here.

Sounds to me like this example there is no need to make a new Release.

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