Album titles for Digital Recovery

This is a bit tricky. I’m thinking about the compilation albums put out by Digital Recovery.On BandCamp they have rather bland titles such as Part 1 and Part 10.5. On Discogs thay are instead prefixed so it’s called Digital Recovery: Part 1. The cover also says “Digital Recovery”.


I think prefixing the series name might be a standard on Discogs, at least I’ve seen it that way elsewhere.

I could see a case for doing it either way, or a third option might be to add any subtitles from the album cover. for example, “Digital Recovery, Part 13: A Benefit for Ghost Ship”. I’d probably either enter it like that, or as it comes tagged from Bandcamp.

when there’s part numbers and subtitles, the guideline is to use a comma and colon respectively as the separator, like I did above. see also: Style / Titles - MusicBrainz

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Thanks. Looks like a good way to do it. I’ve added a series (Digital Recovery - MusicBrainz) for easy access.