Album title - unclear

For the band Orgel Vreten, the first album has confusing artwork.

The front of the album shows “Orgen Vreten” (band name) and below that “The Merciless Hammond Battle”. Then the spine of the album has “Orgel Vreten” and “Recorded Live At The Effenaar”. The label does not contain either.

To me it sounded like The Merciless Hammond Battle was the sub-title for the band.

But now we have both The Merciless Hammond Battle and Live at the Effenaar.

What do you think? Which should be merged into which?

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not familiar with the artist, but Discogs has chosen The Merciless Hammond Battle… could also go with “The Merciless Hammond Battle: Recorded Live At The Effenaar” for the title…


Oh, good idea, that would be the least confusing!

Just noticed that the back cover also mentions “Live at the Effenaar”, between the credits in sligtly larger font.

It’s not all that uncommon to have “title” differences between the front, spine, back, booklet and medium. I won’t even begin to describe all the differences I have encountered, thankfully it’s not too often. I tend to chose what makes the most sense, then add the cover art (front, back, spine) and if someone has a better idea then they are welcome to change it. I have gotten to where I will not spend more than 5 minutes thinking about it.