Album + remix style guide

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Hello could somebody please point me to a style guide (if there is one) for remixed albums regarding which artist(s) should be credited

this edit has changed the artist credit to the producer of the original (before being remixed) track "Hiroyuki ODA"
As apposed to giving credit to the remixer of the track which is instead credited in the track title + relationship “remixer”

The only other rexmixed album compilation I could find to compare was
Worlds (Remixed) ~ Release by Porter Robinson
Which also only credits the original producer and credits the remixer via “remixer relationship”

So, is this the musicbrainz accepted way of dealing with this type of release?
I’m sorry if this is this is a well know style guide, however I cannot find anything pertaining to this.

Thank a bunch. :slight_smile:

Proposal for adding remixer to artist credits
Cover vs remix with arrangements

This is the usual standard, yes. The official use of the artist field is “who is this mainly credited to”, which is usually the original artist. There are some rare cases (especially when one remix of other artist’s music is included in the remixer’s album) where the main credit is actually the remixer, and the title’s “X (Y remix)” actually means “this is the remix of the song X by Y”, but they’re rare enough I don’t have any examples for you off the top of my head.


Great, Thank you very much. :slight_smile:


As you notice from your example of worlds (remixed) the editor has added a remixer relationship for each track. This allows the person that remixed the track to still be credited while keeping the original artists preserved.