Album or Compilation?

So I noticed that this release group had been changed to a compilation (when it isn’t)

Looking at the edit history brings up this edit that did it

But that vote failed, so not sure why the change has gone through.

Where is the bug? Someone attempted to remove the compilation type but the edit failed so it stuck

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Sorry, my mistake it was correct last time I checked so presumed that was an edit to add it not remove it.

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Something weird has gone on with this, it was perfectly fine a few months ago and there is nothing in the edit history apart from the original add (2023-04-29) that set it as a compilation, but it was in the database and correct long before that.

I think what happened was that at some point the release groups for the international and Australian version got merged, likely in edit #86694814. Then with edit #99242633 a new RG for the international version was created again and the relevant releases moved over. But this time it was set to “compilation” from the start.

See also the note on edit #99242829.

Yes that makes sense and explains how it was fine earlier.

Now we just need to decide if it’s a compilation or not :slight_smile:

Per the Wikipedia article, "It contains tracks from their first two previous Australia-only issued albums: High Voltage and T.N.T. (both from 1975)."

Doesn’t that mean “compilation?”


It’s a tricky one for sure (I’ll amend the thread title too).

Strictly speaking by the definition then it is a compilation, as it contains older tracks.

However, typically a compilation would be a greatest hits, love songs etc etc. The first 2 albums were only released in Australia and this was international that adds another spanner, if all 3 were released in the same country then it would definitely be a compilation. But this was released as an album where no others had previously been available. Further this is defined as an album by both Discogs and AMG.

I lean towards album, but will see what others think.

You have a similar situation with the Pixies. In the UK we are more used to Surfer Rosa as Surfer Rosa \ Come on Pilgrim. Which makes it a compilation.

It may have been the first time High Voltage and TNT appeared outside of Australia, but these are still technically reissued tracks so tick that compilation box.

It is quite common to see two albums reissued together making up a compilation.

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Thanks Ivan (and others),

If the title was actually High Voltage / TNT then it would be a compilation no question, so the fact that the title is different shouldn’t really matter and therefore you are correct.

I’ll cancel the edit, and leave an annotation for future editors in case someone comes across this in the future.

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How is this treated by the band? Does it appear as the “International version” of their first album? i.e. just the same album with track reordered a bit?

Or was it issued as a “this the best we have so far?”

I can see arguments both ways.

Actually now I’ve thought some more it’s not the same as High Voltage / TNT as it doesn’t contain both albums, only selected tracks from each, so now I’m confused again :slight_smile:

Looking on the official AC/DC site they also list it as an album and not a compilation

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Yeah, I just read the Wikipedia article. So really this is TNT with a couple of tracks from High Voltage.

Would you put it into the discography as a separate album in order? Or just get the originals?

Interesting they list it on their own site as an album. But really that is just the shop you link there.

I can see this from both sides… so don’t have an answer.

That’s the story of that album. AC/DC have been pretty big in their Australia from the start but their album where only relesed there locally from label Albert, then in 1976 they signed with Atlantic to release their music outside Australia. Atlantic management never liked the band music though (at least until the success of “Highway to Hell” and “Back in Black”), so instead of re-releasing their first 2 studio album so far, that are “High Voltage” and “TNT”, they opted to put out a “best of” of those album instead, without adding any new track, so yes, that’s a compilation.
The issues come from the fact that a lot of people outside Australia didn’t even know AC/DC had 2 studio albums before the Atlantic compilation and so that was widely regarded by some as a studio and not a compilation!
After the AC/DC catalog went digital around 2012, the 2 Australian albums have been always replaced by the “international version” on streaming pages, official website, youtube channels, etc… and the reason is that the missing tracks from the compilation have been released in other compilations like the 74 Jailbreak or Backtracks.