Album artwork help needed

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I have some outstanding artwork adds here:

My query here is if anyone knows if this will cause a problem once they pass, assuming they will? It has been almost a week and the 250 and 500 previews are still not there, but all of them do appear when the “original” is selected to view. I know this is on the Internet Archive, but not sure where else to really post this as I am looking out for the data integrity on this site.

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It should be fine. It appears (see, e.g., New cover art not loading) that the cover art processing is taking a long time. Some of those now work, but not all of them…

Anyway, there isn’t anything special you need to do except that when you tag your files you may have to manually add the cover art to Picard.

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Ok, that is fine. Just checking. I have seen this many times before, but never for this long. I understand that some images can take time to process, but at 6 days, there is something not functioning properly. So, I just wanted to make sure that problems will not occur once the edits assumingly pass and are applied.

This seems to be a widespread problem. There is at least one other recent discussion in this forum, see Failed cover art upload, what now?, and a number of similar ones in other forums.

Sometimes waiting a few hours may resolve the problem. Unfortunately, in many (most?) cases these cover art problems never resolve themselves, no matter how long you wait.

Yeah, I have seen some other posts on this, and I have personally experienced this for quite some time now. Never this bad though, but others are reporting the same, so I know it is not just me. My main question/concern is if all will end up being fine. I have these images and want to add them for MB, and I would prefer my edits to be applied and valid, assuming they are not voted down or fail. That is the main focus of my query here, the integrity of my edits in the long run. If it takes them a month to process, that is fine. But if there will continue to be an issue, I want to be a bit proactive on it, not just leave faulty image edits there which will do no one any good.

Thank you both for the replies. The only question left is… what should I do from here, and when might further action be needed? I am not an admin or anything, but I would wonder if a query could be sent to Internet Archive as this appears to be a failure on their system… or maybe there is nothing I should do at the moment as this issue is known and they might be working on a fix or something.

Worst case, the thumbnails never generate, but your edits are still valid — and the original size is still there. That’d not be ideal, but is far better than canceling the edits (in which case the images may well just be lost).

BTW, appears your thumbnails have finally generated.

I see this now. Looks like all is good.