Agora Ballroom mess

Uhoh, I’ve stumbled upon what appears to be a bit of a mess…

This venue in MB has the address of 5000 Euclid Avenue.

The mess is, that according to the wikipedia page for this venue, the Agora Ballroom was previously located on East 24th Street until it was closed due to a fire in 1984, reopening at the current location on Euclid Avenue some years later.

According to our guidelines for places, the East 24th Street location should be entered as a separate venue entity. I will do this. But the mess is that all the recordings linked to the current venue with dates before 1986 are suspect as these are highly likely to have been recorded at the East 24th Street location and probably need to be updated to the newly-created venue.

The problem is that there are more than 600 such recordings :open_mouth:

Not exactly sure what is the best way to sort this out. Properly verifying hundreds of recordings is probably impossible for one person. I could just start submitting edits to move every recording based on date alone with no other checks? Does that sound like a good plan to people?

Any suggestions for clever tricks to batch-edit all these relationships more easily than doing it one at a time?


It seems the vast majority of recordings (hundreds) are pre-84 and there are only a few post-84 recordings.

Same for events, there are more pre-84 events (not many events anyway).

And it was created for a 74 relationship.

It would be quicker and more effective to edit the address to the pre-84 address and move the few post-84 venue relationships to a new place.


I definitely would have forgotten about events if you didn’t mention it now, thanks :slight_smile:

Makes sense, I will plan to do it this way then.


I’ve seen that for a few locations. Fires often happen in places like that. Please add a disambiguation with years to the two locations so they stand apart clearer. And link them in each other annotations.

Once you have the new location created, if I get bored I may help link a few across. I agree with @jesus2099 that making a new one for the current location is the quickest solution. That does mean moving the facbook and other links, but is a neatest solution.

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Righto, getting the ball rolling…