Afiara Quartet featuring Skratch Bastid - Spin Cycle


The Spin Cycle project features renowned DJ Skratch Bastid in an innovative conversation between musical worlds. The Afiara commissioned four of Canada’s leading young composers (Kevin Lau, Laura Silberberg, Rob Teehan, and Dinuk Wijeratne) to write new works for string quartet inspired by popular themes - this is Stage 1. Each of these works is then remixed by renowned DJ Skratch Bastid into Stage 2, creating four new solo works for scratch DJ. The project culminates in the composers responding to the remixes in the form of a quintet, string quartet + DJ: Stage 3. This unique collaboration between the quartet, composers, and DJ thus chronicles a complete musical conversation, traversing different media to create something wholly new.

i’m not sure the best way to make all the connections between works and recordings for this one, i’d love to hear some thoughts!

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Wow, that’s a crazy interesting series of pieces!

I believe a big part in understanding these would be creating works for all the recordings and linking them to their other versions. I don’t know if it’d be just a “Version Of” relationship or something more specific though, I’m not super familiar with Work relations.

For the recordings, I believe a series of “Remix” relationships would be the way to go, at the very least for Stage 1 to Stage 2, with remixer credits, of course (as I see are already there for Stage 2).

I can’t think of any other ways to link these, except maybe a Works Series? Not sure it would be necessary though…

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i added works for every recording, for now i have it so each remix is “based on” the original work, then each response is “based on” the remix

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