Advice needed on how to proceed with release with spurious data

While adding, I stumbled upon this release: (same disc IDs for CD 2).

Judging from the barcode/Amazon link, one is probably a re-release of the other, both using the same English title and tracklist. But the second release has an Italian title and tracklist in MusicBrainz. It is also missing the first disc, and the user who added the release didn’t add another release for it (only three edits overall for that user). From the original edit, it is hard to judge if there is actually a version of the release in Italian, or if the editor simply used the language because of the release country, or for whatever reason. Release language is also set to English in the original edit. A web search did not shed more light on the issue for me. Brilliant Classics doesn’t seem to have the releases in their catalog anymore.

Now, I wanted to improve the situation, and thought about adding the first disc. But as there is no reference for an Italian tracklist, I could only use the English one using the Amazon linked cover art (identical to the first release). I lean towards also changing the existing tracklist to English titles and changing the title, basically just leaving Italy as release country. I simply feel the information otherwise only causes confusion, and the release in the current state (Italian title and tracklist) might actually be non-existent.

Should I proceed like that or does anyone have any other advice?


I believe there’s more value of having one full release we know to be existing instead of having partial release which is most likely bogus. This has been waiting almost 6 years to be fixed. If release is updated to be well known version with English titles there’s little harm done.


It is a classical release: Check out your booklet for your edition, you might see the Italian titles there, along with possibly a couple of other languages.

Unfortunately, the booklet of my edition got lost or was never there – I don’t which is the case, because the box has been sitting in the shelf for a few years, and I can’t remember where I got it from.

No worries about the lost booklet because according to guidelines (Classical Style Guide) we use the main language for titles. When back cover has only English tracklist it is clearly the main language: (pictures).

I would keep the Italian tracklist as Pseudo‐release / Alternative tracklist.

I did consider this but on this case it would look stupid if only half of the release is translated.

My feeling, too. I’ll use the English titles then. Thanks for the comments, guys!

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