Advanced Query to Find Works with No Set Language

I used to be able to run a search query, which I think was type:“song” AND lang:“” to show me all works that are marked as songs that have no set language; just something to do to try and clean up the DB.

That doesn’t seem to work now?

Any ideas what the correct query might be?


It’s ugly, but this seems to work for me:[a-z]{3}%2F&type=work&limit=25&method=advanced

In terms of the form at, that’s:

  • Query: -lang:/[a-z]{3}/
  • Type: Work
  • Search method: Indexed search with advanced query syntax

(I couldn’t find any way to search for an unset language code, so I’m negating a regexp for languages consisting of three letters. I always have trouble getting MB’s search to work the way I’d expect, so probably there’s a better way.)