Adding Video DVDs of Concerts

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I have just uploaded this:

This is two CDs and a DVD package. The CDs are audio only versions of the music on the concert DVD.

I have a few releases like this with an extra DVD of some form and always hit a few hiccups when adding them. Just after a few thoughts \ feedback from everyone else, and maybe there could be some tweaks in how the website helps when these are added.

1\ Set Recordings as Video.

I have just added this live DVD-Video. Creating 21 new tracks. It would be REALLY handy if when a fresh DVD-Video is added and fresh tracks get created for that DVD, there should be a way of setting them to “VIDEO” recordings as part of that process.

Or at least when then same editor then goes and hits a tickbox on 21 tracks minutes after that same editor created them, it would be good if that could Auto-Edit into place.

Currently when I add a DVD-Video and then set the VIDEO tick box they all go into the queue for 7 days. Or until a helpful AE strolls past (Thanks @chaban :+1:)

(Yes, I know I could have manually created 21 tracks first, setting them all to Video at creation time… but that is also a time consuming task.)

2\ Setting Multiple Tracks to Identical Disambiguation Text in One Click.

Is there a script that can set the same disambiguation text to all the tracks of a release at the same time? Otherwise I have 42 separate identical copy\paste edits to do on releases like this.

3\ Link Audio and Video Versions.

Is there a better way to link the video and audio tracks to say that they are the exact same recording? The track times are different as clearly there are differing gaps \ breaks between each track, but the content is the same as it is the same gig.

4\ Decimal Track Times for Video.

The chapter times for the DVD recording show me the exact times to thousands of seconds. How would I enter this data as I am getting chopped to seconds instead.

DVD was ripped with MakeMKV and chapters were listed as follows:

DURATION                                 : 01:31:50.208000000

00:00:00.000                             : en:Chapter 01
00:01:15.840                             : en:Chapter 02
00:05:19.680                             : en:Chapter 03
00:10:02.880                             : en:Chapter 04
00:13:25.920                             : en:Chapter 05
00:17:47.040                             : en:Chapter 06
00:23:56.160                             : en:Chapter 07
00:27:39.840                             : en:Chapter 08
00:31:01.440                             : en:Chapter 09
00:34:43.200                             : en:Chapter 10
00:38:12.480                             : en:Chapter 11
00:41:37.440                             : en:Chapter 12
00:46:46.080                             : en:Chapter 13
00:50:27.360                             : en:Chapter 14
00:54:43.680                             : en:Chapter 15
00:58:25.440                             : en:Chapter 16
01:01:47.520                             : en:Chapter 17
01:06:57.600                             : en:Chapter 18
01:10:04.320                             : en:Chapter 19
01:14:21.600                             : en:Chapter 20
01:19:20.160                             : en:Chapter 21
01:24:47.040                             : en:Chapter 22

1\ Set Recordings as Video.

Some related tickets:

Yup, really annoying. Even as an auto-editor one still has to edit each recording separately.

2\ Setting Multiple Tracks to Identical Disambiguation Text in One Click.

MusicBrainz: Set recording comments for a release

3\ Link Audio and Video Versions.

I suppose you can just use the music video relationship

4\ Decimal Track Times for Video.

You’ll either need to to utilize release editor seeding or wait for the ticket to be implemented. For SAR milliseconds can bet set.

PSA: If one makes it clear in edit notes that the recording is part of a DVD or any other medium able to hold videos and it’s not used on any non-capable medium I’ll gladly approve it immediately.


Lots of loverly info there. :slight_smile: Much thanks for the detailed answers. (Need a Double Plus Good on the Like button)

The tickets make me laugh - some of those go back to 2013. Good to see I am not the only one thinking about this stuff. Though also kinda depressing to see comments like [MBS-9650] on [MBS-9593] as that is clearly not the case. Lots of data does not allow quick fixes “within an hour”.

Those tickets show how much work is constantly going on. Ever evolving.

Am diving into the scripts you just linked. Always good to add to the script armoury. See if they can speed me up a bit more.

Am now learning about the “Music Video Relationship” and will pop that into place now where relevant. Have added that to the above release. Seems to make sense. And I can see making a lot of use of that in future.

Pity the DVD times are on the TODO list… I’ll just past my Chapter Timings into some of the edits until the day we can submit these. Would be good to have a “discID” system for DVDs like CDs. I did think about manually creating a discID to see what would happen…

And much thanks @chaban for Approving the earlier DVD edits. I’ll take note to add a wedge of comments to the first and last tracks when I do this kind of work. Problem is, when editing 21 different tracks, 21 tabs opened in the browser, pasting in a disambiguation into each one, ticking the video on each one… that does mean adding a comment as well often doesn’t happen due to only one paste buffer to hand.

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On your last point…I just did something like that by opening all the recordings in separate tabs, pasting the disambiguation but not submitting, then going back through all the open tabs and pasting my edit note, and THEN submitting them all. But yeah, it’s not exactly what you’d call convenient.


Same method for me :joy:


Yeah… the round and round in circles method. That is what I am currently doing. :crazy_face: 21 pages open, 21 identical ticks, pastes, clicks.

Don’t forget the extra tabs open for the research, and extra tabs for the source material…

I have all kinds of keyboard shortcuts in the Vivaldi browser to speed some of it up, but can still get a bit dizzying keeping up with them all. End of a session I usually have to go back and check the “All My Edits” to make sure I haven’t missed one. The editing colouring also helps a lot.

This is usually in the middle of adding a whole new release. So I have already added the comments multiple times by this stage during the main edits. Skipping some of the edit notes here are covered by anyone reading the main history of the item.

A script that can be tasked to “For that Medium, set all tracks to Video with XXX and disambiguation and YYY as edit note” would be useful. Bit like the way the Mass Merge script operates in bulk.


Have just made my first use of the following script as linked by @chaban above

// @name MusicBrainz: Set recording comments for a release
// @description Batch set recording comments from a Release page.

And that is a HUGE time saver!! @highstrung and @Fabe56 you need to get that one up and running. That copies one disambiguation text right down a whole release page, and sets an edit note. Neat.

It says “comments” in the script description, but means “disambiguation text.”

Get some sanity back and use @murdos script. Thanks murdos :+1:


To be fair, it’s hosted at murdos’ repo but it was written by @Bitmap, who indeed deserves many warm thanks. :blush:


Always want to give the credit to the correct people. Thank you @Bitmap as you have already saved me at least an hour today with this.

And far more important - it removes the potential for typos. Copy\pasta into 21 different pages was always prone to error.


You can set sub‐second accuracy track times if you use Release Editor seeding. This can only be done when adding a release, not when editing a release that is already added to the db.


To add to what @freso said: The Add Cluster as Release plugin for Picard does do this, so 5his might be an option to start with. But of course this requires you to have the individual tracks/chapters as files.


Does it do it to video tracks that are MKV files? I didn’t know that and will now go try it out. Thanks.

Ah, can’t try it out in this case. When I ripped my DVD it created one large MKV track of the concert, separated by Chapters in that one MKV file. I started to look at the page that @Freso linked about “Release Editor Seeding” but not being a web designer I am quickly lost in that language without an example to work with.

I did think about hacking the CD EAC Log uploader to create something usable, but realised I don’t have a “sector” to work with so abandoned that idea too.

Nope, because it doesn’t support MKV and the videtools plugin is broken. But I badly want this myself and I’m currently working on a new plugin for MKV support, it’s just a bit tricky because of the way MKV tags are structured.


You can audio rip the DVD to submit track lengths:


Oooo - nice. Would be interesting if it can also extract Chapters for those of us with one big fat MKV from the rip.

Interesting idea that I will investigate (another day). Will have a good read of your linked page.

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