Adding Spotify UIDs to MusicBrainz database

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I’m toying with the idea of cloning the MusicBrainz database and adding a Spotify UID field for my personal use at the track level…
Is there any reason such a field could not be added to the main DB?

Fetching ISRCs from Spotify

Is the Spotify UID the string following “/track/” in “”? If so, you can make URL relationship to Recordings using this. Same for /album/ to Releases and /artist/ to Artists.


There are more than one way to refer track from spotify, one is by direct spotify:track:some_trackid (each track with own spotify id and the other is by album+subindex like spotify:album:some_albumid|3 (tracks as subindexes from album Which one would be preferred for you?


The spotify:track:some_trackid can be inferred from the Spotify URLs that can already be added to Recordings. spotify:album:some_albumid can be inferred from Spotify URLs associated with Releases. (spotify:artist:spotifyid can be inferred from Artist URL relationships.)


IMHO it should be done linking a release/release group on MusicBrainz to an album on Spotify, using Spotify URI, example:

Kate Bush "The Kick Indise"

linked to Spotify URI:

This unique identifier can be later used to retrieve tracks from Spotify using Spotify API. The unique identifier can also be used to generate a web link for listening, but this is not the main feature (and requires a Spotify account).


If you have spotify:album:5NKTuBLCYhN0OwqFiGdXd1 you can easily construct Similarly, if you have you can easily construct spotify:album:5NKTuBLCYhN0OwqFiGdXd1. Storing the URLs as we do now are fine, and people who want spotify: URLs can easily construct them from the data already in the system.

Edit: Oh, I already said as much once in this thread… oh well.


Thanks for double-posting, I am a newcomer. I will try to work on a Picard pluggin in the following days.


I see one limitation/problem.

Presently (as of Feb 2017), Spotify UID can be only be added to a MusicBrainz release, not a release group. Obviously, Spotify offers only albums as release groups. Example :

is unique

is also unique

So Spotify unique ID (i.e. 5NKTuBLCYhN0OwqFiGdXd1) should a seperate field in release groups.

Storing Spotify IDs in releases could lead to a terrible mess and millions of duplicates.


Do they? I’m fairly sure I’ve seen them offer an album and a remastered (or expanded) version, with different IDs - but those would be the same MusicBrainz release group.


You are right, Spotify offers seperate remastered albums.

I am a newcomer, I did no know that remastered albums were in the same MusicBrainz release group. Thanks for the clarification.

So everythink is OK for me to create a small Picard puggin.


I usually add Spotify URLs to the same digital release that gets Bandcamp, iTunes, Microsoft/Windows/whatever music, Google Play Music, … links. (As long as they are the same release (same cover, same track list, etc.).