Adding new entry to database

Hello All,

I have recently completed the process of editing a single file audiobook of The Road to Dune. I have created a multiple file chaptered version of the audiobook. Chapter breaks are accurate and complete. This was accomplished by using a mp3 file splitter program which is capable of detecting silences at or below a set DB level lasting x number of seconds. The process was long and time consuming, but successful.

I would like to know how to upload my data into your database as I feel it might be helpful to others like myself who prefer chaptered audiobooks over single file audiobooks.

Hey @VSCurtis, nice job!

And awesome that you want to share. But unfortunately MusicBrainz only documents released music.
Since your file is only available (to other users/people) as a single track audiobook, MusicBrainz would store the release as a single track audiobook entry. We can’t edit that data to our personal preferences :frowning:
Pretty much the only way to add it would be to distribute your version as a bootleg, and add it as such, but don’t take that as a suggestion - MB doesn’t recommend or support piracy.

Hope that explains things a bit, if you need clarification let us know.

If you’d like to try adding something to the database in the meantime (a single file audiobook should be an easy addition if you just want to start with that), you can follow this tutorial:


Thank you for your reply. I offered the information because the entry in your database is incomplete. I wanted to provide a complete and accurate entry for other people to follow should they wish to do the same. The actual book contains a wealth of supplemental chapters of previously unreleased material such as missing chapters from Dune and Dune Messiah as well as Dune short stories. I believe this information was omitted from your database,

Should anyone wish to contact me to discuss the process I used to accomplish this, please feel free to leave me a message here and I will provide an e-mail address where I can be reached.

Annotations are free form text that can be added to the release.
It might useful to add it as a comment to the release for the next person to find if nothing else.


Thank you for your suggestion

If you look at the tutorial I posted, it will show you how to edit the release in question. I would start editing/ add something and then you can ask us any specific questions you might have about issues you run into.

If you can complete the entry in the database, based off a publicly available release of the audiobook, then please do so.

If I could have found that information I would have used it. I suspect that the person who entered this information omitted the supplementary material and only included information for the actual book. If you take a look at this information you can clearly see that it is incomplete. The entry for Dune: House Harkonnen is also suspect. It appears to be missing information as well. I am a Software Engineer thus I’m trained to analyze information and determine the most logical conclusion. Do with it what you will.