Adding New artists titles

Hi all, is there a simple way of adding new tracks, artists etc, I’m having a nightmare at the moment and think it maybe down to me picking the most complicated way of doing it.

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Adding releases shouldn’t be too tricky, import scripts are probably the easiest way, if the release exists elsewhere.

For instance:
iTunes/Deezer/Spotify - a‐tisket
Discogs/Bandcamp/Amazon/BeatPort etc -
Make sure to double check the info that gets imported though.

Your edits look good btw. Just remember that digital often = country [worldwide], and to add the source (e.g. a youtube link) into the external links section on the first editing page. It’s really useful for others.

Just ask here if there’s anything in particular that’s being tricky - have fun!!


For Picard there is also the "“Add cluster as release” plugin, which helps adding releases by prefilling the add release form partially from your files.