Adding links to spotify to releases and release groups

So why can’t we add a link such as

To a release group of type album?

And why can’t we add a link such as

To a release of type single while clearly this is an online release?

It would seem to me that in the case of online releases these links relate to those types

that’s because /album/ links should go on a release, and /track/ links should go on a recording

the release group is the grouping of all releases of an album/EP/single/etc across all different formats, and there can be multiple different digital releases, either with different tracklists, different versions (explicit, deluxe, etc.), or different regions due to label differences

for singles, to be added to MusicBrainz, they should also have a Spotify /album/ link, and not all singles are one track, see this single (also on MB) as an example of both


It did seem strange to me that I had to set the type on the release group rather than on the release but if I look on the release object I see that the type is copied over from the release group so I guess one would only group releases of the same type and so the type of the group gets applied to the releases themself anyway. Thanks for your reply, I’ll go look at some examples.

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