Adding Itunes Albums

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I can’t add albums from iTunes to the DB from the iTunes store. I am using Greasemonkey btw.

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Dufferzafar’s iTunes import script (which I assume you’re using) has been flaky for the past several months. I assume it has something to do with the recent redesigns of iTunes’ website.

There are actually a few scripts but none work atm.

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I don’t know if they willingly targeted user scripts but they now use a script that redraws the page every seconds so user script and everything that is not genuine, is wiped out every seconds… :C
This and the fact that I don’t use iTunes myself is why I dropped my only iTunes script.
I guess it will be quite difficult to make iTunes user scripts now.


That is BS… Ok Thanks for the reply.

I don’t know if anyone is still using (or trying to use) the itunes scripts (in particular dufferzafar’s) but I’ve seen some odd release countries coming from its use earlier this year and before. I’m talking about things like a release by a Polish artist on a Polish label with a Swaziland release event , because it was imported from an
URL. Or, a Queensbridge rapper with a Papua New Guinea release.

I still use it. If you’re having difficulty, one trick that makes it work is to remove the album name from the URL.

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Are you seeing the release country issue?

What exactly is this “issue”? That we can’t use “[Worldwide]”?
It was decided some time ago that “[Worldwide]” shouldn’t be used because iTunes isn’t available in every country (and many releases are geo-restricted to one or a handful of territories).
I don’t think it was ever handled how we should go about adding release countries in cases like these, other than the above.


I’m referring to this:

That ties into what I was saying earlier, about how it was never decided what to do in cases where a release is available in multiple countries but not truly worldwide. It can be chalked up to the whim of whoever entered it.
If you’d like to propose a solution/standard guideline, I suggest we take this to another thread.