Adding entry for US pressing of European CD

I have an American pressing of a CD set that is listed here by it’s European release ( The listing here doesn’t have a Disk ID on the entry currently.

I figured since it is a different country release it needs it’s own database entry, even if 99+% of it is identical. It has a different barcode, and a slightly different product number (CDSEEZ 22US rather than CDSEEZ 22). The artwork on the existing entry is the same as on my copy (except in better shape, this one got water damaged years ago in a house fire)

Is there a process for duplicating/linking to this one, but marking it as a different country release? After all, the Disk ID is the only real shortcoming in the entry (and thus why Sound Juicer and MB Picard couldn’t automatically recognize it)

the easiest way (if the tracklist is identical) would likely be to go to the release group page, select “Add release”, fill out the information on the first page, then on the second page, you’d select the existing release on the Similar releases page, then double check that the tracklist matches on the third page (track times will be set once the disc ID is added, so don’t worry about those).

after you’ve added the release, you’d add a disc ID as usual~


As @UltimateRiff says, clone everything and add the little differences. This is the kinda data that MusicBrainz likes to document.

But also look real close and you’ll find difference in the art you didn’t notice first time. In the small print at the rear of the booklet there is likely a “Made in USA” or “Printed in EU”. Some of the company details change like Distribution and Copyright. Maybe it is a totally different slipcase.

Also on the CD itself the Right Society details often vary too. And cosmetic things like how much of the centre ring is painted. If this was pressed in a USA factory then it may be painted slightly different.

What is really handy for others is if you noted a few of these differences in the Annotation.