Adding employer relationship in arranger name?

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This don’t appear to be properly covered in the guidelines, but what do you say about adding employer relationships in the track-artist relationship like on
There the arranger is set to the alias “Konami Amusement (Sota Fujimori)” for 藤森崇多. I say that information does not belong in the artist name but some think it should be there.

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Why not cite the original discussion?


If it’s credited like this in both booklet and JASRAC, why not include that text in relationship artist credits indeed.

We don’t have recording-label nor work-label credits for arrange and compose.

Hmm, but there is recording-label arrange for and work-label commissioned by:thinking:

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I don’t think “arranged for” (no example!) and “commissioned by” are applicable here. Multiple artists can contribute to a Recording/Work, as is the case on this release. “Konami Amusement” is attached to a specific Artist Credit, not to a Recording/Work contributed to by a mix of Konami artists and non-Konami artists.

Even if those label relationships applied to this situation, it doesn’t achieve what the relationship credits are doing.


But this is a recording - artist relationship, not a release - artist relationship so how it’s written in the booklet should not change how we format it even if the information comes from the booklet.