Adding cover song works as well as arranger to the original songs

I am wanting to add seperate works for each cover version of songs eispecially to anime songs as they tend to get covered but connect to the original work through relationships cause I feel like each song cover is there own work cause it takes time to make covers in japan and what not.
Second topic is adding the original arranger to the original song cause half the time they are diffrent then the composer and therefor it should be added to the original work and you could connect the cover work to the original work through a relationship as stated above
I really hope you guys add this cause I often am used to adding composers and arrangers to teh original song

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We only add arrangers to the works on classical music, basically (and not always). Otherwise, the work is considered the same, with the different arrangers being set on the recording level. For example, see Tainted Love - this song has a ton of covers by all sorts of different performers, with many of them being very different from the original. At the same time, it’s still the same song, and someone asking “is this a cover of that” would still expect the answer “yes”.


@reosarevok ninja’d me while I was typing this, but here goes:
I would point you toward the docs, but unfortunately there’s nothing about this in them. (I have attempted to rectify this with STYLE-815.)
Normally with popular works, we don’t add a new work entity for every new version. The only exception to this is if the work is substantially altered in some way, such as if the lyrics are altered (e.g. Megadeth’s cover of “These Boots Are Made for Walkin’”) new parts were added to the song (e.g. Atomic Kitten’s cover of “The Tide Is High”) or the song is translated into a different language (e.g. Sayuri Kokusho’s song “こわれた太陽”, which was translated from Eighth Wonder’s song “When the Phone Stops Ringing”).


well I feel like they should cause its a diffrent version from the original and the time it takes to make them

This is perhaps not the best example to use. I think most people would describe the Marilyn Manson version of Tainted Love as being a “cover” of the Soft Cell version, not of the original song as composed by Ed Cobb.

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Even then we should be allowed to have diffrent works and we could connect them through the relationships through recordings and work

or we can differ each work by putting in the annotation on who sings it

@dragonzeron, what I assume you’re really trying to do is emulate the way work credits are displayed on Japanese releases.
For those unaware, Japanese releases usually will list the lyricist, composer and arranger of a particular song in the liner notes together. This caused me some confusion when I first joined; I, like OP, assumed this meant the arranger had to be credited at the work level (that is, until someone corrected me).


The problem with this is that we would then basically get a new work for every single time an individual artist/group performs a given work, and instead of having an extensive list of “all” performances/recordings of the Work (in partial chronological order), it would instead get split up in a disjointed maze of “cover works” and it’d become much harder to make sense of it all. Esp. since, for pop/rock type music, a given arrangement of a work is for most commonly only recorded once (or at best a couple of times) and then benefit of having a one-off Work for that one Recording is far outweighed by the benefit of having all the Recordings of the “real” Work joined together.

(Classical music is different as you can often find several artists perform the same arrangements.)


That is the reason why I do what I do mostly because I feel like Japanese anime and tokusatsu songs often have the same composer and arranger but the other half they have diffrent arrangers and it should be mentioned with the work.
The reason why I want it like that cause I am used to teh way does it where he states the cover version as a seperate song then the original but that is a diffrent site then Musicbrainz

Use the same work and set distinct arranger on recording (that can be used by several tracks) is how to manage this on MB.
Recordings do take time to do as well (recording sessions, arranging, producing, mixing), not only work writing takes time.


By marking my posts, @hiro666 remembered me this related topic:

Why does it have to be like this when its more work then just adding all the info in one work at one time cause you would have to open up the recording in a new tab or go to it and then have to edit it

It’s the opposite, it’s very faster this way.
The work credits are only set once and for all.
Only what differs, the arranger, is reset for each recordings which we know arrange credits for.

This way you can also see all covers on the work page, at a glance: