Adding Cover Artwork not working

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Hi, I’m dragging and dropping a song into Picard, then I drag and drop the cover art file into the Cover Art section, everything fine. But the moment I hit save, it reverts back to the previous (wrong) cover art. When I press right mouse button and see the info > Artwork, I see the two cover arts next to each other with the wrong one left and the cover I added on the right. I can’t edit nothing inside this window or move or change anything.
Does anybody know why this is happening and how to fix this.

I just want to drag & drop artwork and hit save!


If you want your cover to appear before the old one, you have to move its position. You can do that with the “Reorder” feature.


If MB has the wrong (or missing) artwork, please also consider uploading the correct artwork to our database.
Then you can feel warm and fuzzy, because every user after you will have their life made much easier :slight_smile:


@HibiscusKazeneko Where can I find the Reorder feature? I’ve tried just about anything…

@aerozol at this moment the learning curve involved to contributing releases is a bit to steep for me. I just come around to starting to use this software, but thanks anyway for suggesting it!


I recorded a short screen capture video so you can understand what I mean


Ah, I see. This is a feature I don’t think I’ve ever used.


Oh, now I understand, the release that you’re trying to change isn’t in the MusicBrainz database. I thought it was just missing the cover image.
To be honest, Picard is not the ideal tagger for a job like this. I would use your musicplayer (that probably has this functionality built in) or something like mp3tag. The main use of Picard is that it syncs with the MusicBrainz database.

I tested it out, and you do get the same issue if you’re matching a track to MB, and trying to replace MBs cover art.
In that case, if you go to Options > Cover Art, and then untick all the ‘cover art providers’ except for ‘local files’, it will only embed the image/s you’ve dragged in. But I don’t think that will solve your problem (trying to overwrite local files).


Like for this other general tagging requirement I would use other software than Picard.
Picard is good to tag from MusicBrainz data. But for general tagging, you should use a more straightforward tagging tool (like Mp3tag, foobar2000, etc.).


Aha, I see now. I’m guessing Picard isn’t useful to me than in that case. Anyone know of anything similar that’s just as straighforward (foobar2000,mp3tag are windows only) on the mac platform?


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