Picard doesn’t find newly-added cover art


I have added cover art to the site but when I then do the lookup it doesn’t retrieve the cover art I added to the site. Why is this?

Cover art. not appearing
Adding Cover Artwork not working

It could be that the edit is still pending. There is an option in Picard (under Cover Art > Cover Art Archive) to only download approved cover art. If you untick that box, Picard should download the new cover art.


I ran into an interesting problem when I uploaded some cover art. After I added it, I realized that I had not checked the “Front” checkbox, so it didn’t know what kind of art it was.

When I downloaded the cover, it was saved as “unknown” (makes sense). I went back and check the checkbox, but it would still save as unknown. I assume I would have to wait for that edit to finish before it would get renamed.

I got tired of waiting, so I deleted it and re-uploaded with the front checkbox checked. Worked great then!