Adding cover art currently not possible

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I tried to add a cover art to a release but it always says “Warning: The Cover Art Archive is currently experiencing difficulties. Adding images for this release is unlikely to work at the moment". I checked some other releases and it was the same there. Is it foreseeable when this will work again?

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The status linked in this answer doesn’t show any bigger problems:


Just to mention, I’ve been having this problem for a couple of weeks. It’s starting to drive me absolutely nuts. I’ve checked just about every single day, sometimes twice in a day, ever since… let’s see… June 26th.

I really want to have cover art on a few releases I’ve made so that I can just run all the files through Picard so it’ll put the images on them, and then move on with my life… I guess I could go ahead and just manually add the images to my copy of the files, but waahhh. Y technology no woooork.

Do you use any extension as Duck Duck Go Privacy or the like? I recently had such issue with CAA, and it was due to a browser extension blocking and/or


O-ohh… I, uh, did actually, yes. I recently changed PCs and forgot that uMatrix was blocking it. Goodness me, how did I not realize that one. Thanks for that, haha…


In my case it was also some extension, now it works for me. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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