Adding Amazon or Google Play MP3 albums?

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Is there a script to add Amazon or Google play albums to MusicBrainz?

Not that I’m aware of.You can add them manually, but admittedly it’s tedious.
EDIT: There is an Amazon import script, but from what I’ve heard it’s not the most reliable.

I am looking for the amazon one where I can import from the mp3 part of the album vs teh cd side. The mp3 portion doesn’t have an import button.

If the same album exists on iTunes, you can use the following userscript to add it to MB:

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Yea and sometimes it doesn’t so I was looking for a solution.

Unfortunately in that case the only solution is manually copying the data. I know from experience that’s not ideal, but it can be done.

Ok thanks for the reply.

If you’ve bought the album, I have an export configuration for Mp3tag that produces a parsable tracklist.


If you bought the album, you can use Picard’s “Add Cluster As Release” to add the album. :slight_smile: