Adding Album/Track Comments?

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Is there such a way to add comments to a track or album, for example, say with a greatest hits release, they usually have notes for each song, how they came to be, etc.

Digital releases on Bandcamp can sometimes have a short paragraph that is like a description to the release like this one here.

I assume the annotation is the best place to put something like that, but I don’t think that Picard can pick up on it, nor is it the best place for this kind of information.


If it’s some trivia, it can go in either work annotation or recording annotation, depending of which is most appropriate.
If it’s some version information, it should go to recording disambiguation comment.


In general, annotations are the place for “comments”. But in this special case, just copying the flavor text into the annotation is probably problematic, because of license concerns (the same reason we don’t store e.g. lyrics).

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