Adding a work - what is the best type?

I am trying to add the work The Fifth Estate, the first version of which was released here:

Q1 How to add this? As you can see there are four parts. Is this a suite? Or are these four separate songs?

Q2 Part 1 already exists in the database as We Are Sane, which Clive Mitten wrote with the band Twelfth Night. It contains parts of the original but also newer parts. I guess this could become a new work based on We Are Sane?

Q3 Clive Mitten released a different version here under his own name:

The complete Orchestral Estate consists of several parts from the four parts of The Fifth Estate, not in order but different parts here and there. Would it be easies to make this a new work, again based on the Fifth Estate (in a single work or separate works)?



I don’t know if I was right but I usually called the parent work, a Song-cycle, and then for parts, I called them Songs, when they included lyrics, or no type with Language: No lyrics [zxx], if they were instrumentals:

For the following example, though, now that I realise that all parts are instrumentals, I think I should not have called the parent a Song-cycle, but I should have made it an instrumental as well:

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