Adding a release problem

I’ve run into this problem a couple of times now.
I enter a release, at the end I get an error. Somehow it still adds something but no track listing or discid.

I tried this one twice, same problem:


I have had the same problem several times in the past (still rare). It might be when server is overloaded.
As we nowadays face a chronically overloaded server, I wonder if some retry on fail could be added there for release editor AJAX edit queue system.

There are a variety of ways this could have happened:

It’s really annoying when it happens. Did you base the release add on an existing release? Did you copy (all or some) track artists or track titles from the track listing to recordings?


I took all info from the release, linking some tracks to existing ones.
When I hit it enter it came up (I think) with 502. I’ve gotten that before and just waited a few minutes before pressing it again.
This time the release title changed to to a link when the error came up.