Added my first release: Holiday by Happiness

Here’s the release:

And this is also my first post :slight_smile:

I guess I’m waiting now for votes and approval of my addition. In the mean time, can anyone give suggestions how I can make the edits better?


You’ve made a good start. The track list has quite a bit of extra title information though. That information should be in lower case and between parenthesis. Both (instrumental) and (2015 version) are extra title information.

You can also add Amazon links and a bar code. The Japanese Amazon site shows bar codes (their other sites don’t). I think this is the right release.

Not in this case, Japanese extra title information are kept as is as they are always consistent. There is a guideline exception documented for this.

Joshin web is as well usually handy to find correct bar codes from the catalogue number. leads to (JAN in URL) as bar codes are usually printed on the removable obi that we do not always keep or have (second hand buy).

Oh, that’s weird. Ignore what I said about extra title information then (unless you’re working on non-Japanese releases).

Most important addition you could do is submit your Disc ID through Picard as I don’t see any yet in :slight_smile:

Then also ISRC from the same CD or fingerprints from its rip.
But it is becoming more and more difficult (search MB docs or wiki from the site).

Great editing! Feel free to make the suggested additions to the release, but also know that it is up to you if you wish to put time into making this release as complete as possible, or if you would rather move on to editing other releases.

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Maybe I’m blind, but I only see talk about capitalisation, and how you should not “fix” it on Japanese domestic releases, on the style link you gave. I guess the documentation needs adaptation to the status quo?

No problem, @sparkinson, I have often troubles to read English guidelines. Here it is, in the first part:

Japanese Domestic Releases

The Japanese script doesn’t have any inherent capitalization. For releases originating in Japan, characters should be used as-is; with Kanji, Hiragana, or Katakana characters as used in the original titles.

Although the Japanese script has no capitalization, it is very common for Japanese titles to contain words in other scripts. Japanese artists have a tendency to choose capitalization and punctuation for aesthetic reasons; and to be very consistent regarding case over all releases. For this reason, words in the Latin script on a Japanese release should be in the same case as on the album art if other available sources, such as official discography or record label pages, are consistent; not normalized according to English or other capitalization standards.


Ok, I read „characters“ as „Japanese characters“, and not applicable to, e.g. normalising < blah > to (blah)…

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I sometimes wonder about English as a means of communication. I initially took “read” above to be in the present tense, signalling that you were going to argue for your previous position.

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