Add TOC to Existing or Make New Release?

For [this Release Group](, I have a personal copy. The one and only existing Release in the Release Group has the same label, but no catalog number or barcode, and the TOC on my disc doesn’t match the existing Release TOC – some tracks have different lengths. Maybe it’s a European release or something.

MB gives me the option to attach my TOC to this release, or to create a new release.

I think it needs to be a new release: different TOC, I have a catalog number and a barcode. Now there’ll be two releases in the Release Group.

So I start doing that, and use the existing release as the starting point. One of the first things I notice is the TOC on the disc as reported by Picard doesn’t match the track lengths on the back of the case, AND doesn’t match the TOC for the existing release.

  1. Should that be noted in a comment?
  2. Where do I set the track lengths? It seems I should not edit the recordings because who knows where else they’re referenced?

Then I see that the Russian Track Artist / composer names are written in Russian on the Recordings records; this seems less than useful for a mono-lingual American and doesn’t match the tracks as credited on the CD case back. What do I do? Will I be stuck with Track Artist names in Russian?

In exchange for everyone’s help with this, I’ll take the time to supply all the artwork.



If I hold a release in my hand and there are differences with the online version then I add the new one fresh. Especially if artwork and discID can be attached to it at the same time.

It is quite possible the one already listed has a combination of errors. It dates back over 20 years and data has come from many different sources. Sometimes the error could be caused by a reissue, or the wrong artwork, or a discID from an odd source.

If you add a new one with a consistent complete set of data it is then a better reference point. We KNOW your copy is then correct and a decision can then be made as to how to correct the other edition.

Track lengths will get set when you add your DiscID.


Thanks, I’ve entered a couple of them like this. Voting is still open if anyone wants to have a look-see.

Here is the link, for convenience:


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Mismatches between actual track timings verified by disc ID and the listed times on the cover is so incredibly common that it doesn’t warrant a comment. (In fact, it might be less work to add comments to the releases that do match perfectly than those that don’t.)