Add Spotify link to release group

I’d like to add links to Spotify album pages for several “Realize groups”. I go to “Edit”, I add the URL but in the type select I can’t find a way to insert that it is a link to Spotify, I only see a small list of generic entries that do not correspond to what I intend. Can anyone help me? Thank you

I think I understand why it doesn’t recognize the type of link. Going into a Realise of the list and entering the Spotify URL correctly adds the type. Thank you


I don’t think we are supposed to link physical releases to download album pages:
I have also removed your link from the release group. :wink:


Thanks for the reply. I apologize, after understanding how it works I forgot to delete the link from the Release group page.

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i came with solution…

Struggling to add Spotify links to ‘Realize groups’ on the Edit page – can’t find a specific option in the type select menu. Seeking guidance on how to accurately label it as a Spotify link. Any assistance would be appreciated!


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Spotify album URLs belong at release-level:

For a more human-readable overview see the relationships table

streamingfree refers to “Free streaming” relationships types:

Like other MBIDs you can also search for relationship types UUIDs:

and then get redirected to the documentation such as `08445ccf-7b99-4438-9f9a-fb9ac18099ee:
Relationship Types / Release-URL / Free streaming

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